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ziyalSeattle, Wa10/09/19
NetsurgeToronto, ON12/09/19
NetsurgeToronto, ON13/09/19
NetsurgeToronto, ON15/09/19


The Dark Knight!I love the interbbs games. Keep them coming'
Netsurge!There are more interbbs games to come!
Silent Rage! I didn't know you brought SciNet back as...
mike!Clutch - bbs.clutchbbs.com
calcmandan!baabaabaa BLACKSHEEPS
Netsurge!Have you any wool?
calcmandan!hi folks
Netsurge!I wouldn't publically admit to being a creeper, lol

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[SciNet // an ftn message network for the bbs scene]

Welcome to SciNet, a FTN style network that is dedicated to bring you the best in the BBS scene with active message and file echos for your bbs.

Simply download the info pack, follow the instructions and fill out the application.
If you need help with getting your system setup, logon to the Diskshop BBS and we will be glad to help.