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CJOrange City, FL07/11/19
CJOrange City, FL08/11/19
CJOrange City, FL09/11/19
CJOrange City, FL10/11/19
CJOrange City, FL10/11/19
NetsurgeToronto, ON12/11/19
ApamToowoomba, Qld13/11/19
NetsurgeToronto, ON19/11/19
ApamToowoomba, Qld19/11/19
phoobarAlbany, OR20/11/19


The Dark Knight!I love the interbbs games. Keep them coming'
Netsurge!There are more interbbs games to come!
Silent Rage! I didn't know you brought SciNet back as...
mike!Clutch - bbs.clutchbbs.com
calcmandan!baabaabaa BLACKSHEEPS
Netsurge!Have you any wool?
calcmandan!hi folks
Netsurge!I wouldn't publically admit to being a creeper, lol

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