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ApamToowoomba, Qld30/11/19
mastermindPortland, OR30/11/19
ApamToowoomba, Qld30/11/19
peronPuerta de Hierro, Madrid01/12/19
NetsurgeToronto, ON01/12/19
ApamToowoomba, Qld01/12/19
GrimanceBridgeton, New Jersey02/12/19
mastermindPortland, OR02/12/19
AnalogAlbuquerque, NM06/12/19


Netsurge!Have you any wool?
calcmandan!hi folks
Netsurge!I wouldn't publically admit to being a creeper, lol
mastermind!just zooming around in 1994..... beep boop beep boop
Netsurge!web 0.2
peron!Por un Software Justo, Libre y Soberano, VIVA PERON!
Analog! de
Analog! de

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