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[diskshop bbs stats for Friday June 18, 2021]
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Quicken2kToronto, Ontario11/06/21
mastermind2o fOr beeRS11/06/21
djatropineMemphis, Tn15/06/21
djatropineMemphis, Tn15/06/21
djatropineMemphis, Tn16/06/21
mastermind2o fOr beeRS17/06/21
KuxansuumFort Worth, TX17/06/21
jokkerOntario, Canada17/06/21
Quicken2kToronto, Ontario18/06/21


djatropine!greetings m-00p
DW!Greetings from 1989! Go play a Sierra game... :D
Kowloon_Cowboy!9 January 2021 can't believe BBS still exist. So cool!
Netsurge!Sure, why not
MaxMouse!This BBS is underrated!
Tim Whitson! We all need a little release. I love the BBS's and the Door...
Agent-037! hey hey thanks for hosting this bbs Netsurge! hope to see some...
djatropine!agetn whats our bbs addy again?
BenderBot!Greetings from an Atari 1040 STe.

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